Break Out of Your Workout Rut

The month of February is prime time for losing your workout mojo. Studies show that by February the majority of people who resolved to get fit for New Years have already fallen off the wagon. And, even those who stay in shape year round can find it hard to stay motivated during the doldrums of late winter.
If you’re finding it hard to keep moving forward consider these ways to break out of your slump.
  • Switch things up. Do you always do the same workout routine or always use the same machines at the gym? Try something new. We keep each small group training session at Synergy varied to help prevent your brain from getting bored and to keep your muscles feeling challenged. If you’re working out on your own, try out some different exercises to target your muscle groups. For example, if you always do tricep extensions, switch to dips or close grip push ups for a change. If you only do the elliptical, try the recumbent bike or the stepper instead.
  • Find a Buddy. Research has shown that people who workout with a friend or a partner stick to their plans and achieve their goals more than those who go it alone.

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