Adam Gold


Since starting at Synergy a month and a half ago with workouts three times a week, I have already noticed a huge difference in my energy level and in my appearance. My body fat is down 6% and I have lost 7 pounds. Synergy’s trainers are enthusiastic, encouraging and helpful. They are happy to take the time to assist a beginner to focus on proper technique in the gym and also offer nutritional guidance for use while at home. The hour long workouts are great; alternating back and forth between cardio and varying strength training exercises. I am never bored and feel motivated to adopt a healthier lifestyle along with my friends at Synergy!

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4 Week Summer Slim Down Challenge

Nutrition Checklist

Are you conscious of calorie intake?

It’s scientifically proven that the only way to gain or lose weight is calories taken in vs. calories burned. In order to lose weight you need to burn more calories thru metabolism and exercise than you consume.

Are you reading nutrition labels?

It is important to make sure that you understand all of the ingredients that you eat. The shorter the list of ingredients and the more familiar they are to you the more nutritious the food is for you. In a perfect world you will consume foods that do not have nutrition labels such as fruit, vegetables and lean protein.

Are you eating a balance of lean protein, fruits, veggies, whole grains, and healthy fats?

You need healthy carbohydrates for energy such as fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Protein is the building block for muscle and also helps you feel full for a longer period of time.


Are you avoiding simple sugars and artificial sweeteners?

The American Heart Association recommends that men do not exceed 35g and women do not exceed 28g a day.

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Phil Segaloff

It is a Judgement-Free Facility

I joined Synergy nearly six months ago after “persistent suggestions” from my wife to do so; my wife has been a faithful member of Synergy now for well over one and half years. She loves going to Synergy and thought the experience would be good for me. I hate to admit it in writing, but she was right.

When I joined Synergy I was overweight, stressed and out-of-shape (to put it mildly). I had never really formally worked out before and had no idea where to even begin. I had tried going to gyms in the past, but without the knowledge of what to do there, I never got into the hang of it and often found many excuses to bail out. There was no one to hold me accountable, no one to assess my needs and help shape my goals, and certainly no one to teach me the valuable skills I needed to know in order to have an efficient, effective and fulfilling workout.

Synergy provides an environment where someone like me can thrive. It is a judgment-free facility where both men and women can feel comfortable working out no matter the age,

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