Real People, Real Results

We’re just coming off another successful assessment week at Synergy PFT where our members check in to mark the progress they’ve made on their fitness journeys. We measure progress based on a few different factors – changes in weight, strength and body composition.
Each assessment week is really exciting because it’s a chance for us all to help celebrate each other’s successes and encourage each other to keep moving forward. So, for the trainers here at Synergy and for our members who have been working so hard, assessment week is a special time. Here are just a few Synergy members who are celebrating their accomplishments.
Lindsey K is down 14 pounds with our healthy and sustainable approach.
Scarlet P is down 24 pounds.  Plus, she lowered her cholesterol and decreased her body fat percentage.  “None of my clothes fit!”
Through consistent workouts and better nutrition, Kelly L. is down 41.5 pounds!
Margaret V. dropped 12 pounds by applying our 3 keys to fat loss.
Julie S. is loving her summer ready body, down 15 pounds.
Paul K.’s Synergy sweat sessions helped him lose 10.5 pounds so far.
Congratulations to these members and all of our Synergy exercisers.  Want to see your success snapshot in one of our future newsletters? Start here!
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