Assessment Day: Monday and Tuesday

14 minutes of cardio, 28 minutes on the floor, 14 minutes cardio
Every member gets their own folder, stopwatch and pen (have them record their own data, do not do it for them!). Trainer guides them through each assessment and corrects form and technique. Members will likely finish at different times and can then progress right to the workout. Have members refile their folders ALPHABETICALLY (announce this!) to organizer on top of file cabinet (not back in file cabinet!). The exercises selected for workout should be familiar to most. New members may need more guidance through the assessment process (fyi) Everyone works at their own station for routine below. If any member is delayed at getting started with workout, have them jump into session at the same point where the other participant(s) are in workout.


write the following on white board:

Need: Folder, Stopwatch, Pen



option A:                                    option B (for veterans):

Plank MAX OUT                         # of straight legged sit ups in 60 seconds MAX OUT
Wall Sit MAX OUT                     # of squats in 30 seconds MAX OUT
Push Ups MAX OUT                  # static push-up 90 degrees (hold as long as possible)
20 Squats
20 Jumping Jax
20 Bicep Curls
20 Sit Ups
20 Shoulder Press
20 Leg Raises
20 Floor Bridges
20 Push Ups
20 (2)Arm Row

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