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What is Synergy?

Whether it’s Group Training or Personal Training our programs are designed specifically for those seeking a fitness and body composition change. Each program utilizes a Interval Training approach, a blend of both muscle toning and fat burning.

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  • For ALL ages and fitness levels
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Address: Synergy Personal Fitness Training 130 High Street Waltham, MA 02453
Telephone: 781-209-1006
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Synergy PFT in Waltham, MA

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I lost 85 lbs then ran a freaking marathon! I feel there is nothing I cannot do! Personal Training made all the difference

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in improving my health and weight loss. Currently down 42.5 lbs!

I was literally jumping up and down in the dressing room after dropping 20 lbs and 2 jean sizes! The Interval Training rocks!

I sleep better, feel stronger, and am off of the pain meds I was taking for Fibromyalgia! The Group Training keeps me focused and on track.

At 49 I am in the best shape of my life! For the first time ever I look forward to my fitness program!

Thanks to your endless encouragement and positive feedback I am down 30lbs and feel healthy and strong! Thank you for believing in me!

I lost 20 lbs in three months and can finally fit into my skinny jeans! This gym focuses on getting you results.


Interval training