1. Where should I park?

There is a lot of parking in front of Synergy and on the surrounding streets. Click MAP for more details.

2. I started with one of your monthly specials (6 week jump start etc.). What is the pricing to continue?

Once your monthly special is completed, we have ongoing training available as low as $14.91 per session. Please contact us so we can find the best plan for your budget and lifestyle.


3. What is session cancellation policy?

You can easily cancel your training session online up to 8 hours prior to your session start time. If a member fails to cancel session prior to the 8 hour window, it will count towards their total monthly sessions. If you are on the schedule, you are expected to be here, and this time is reserved for you! Our 8 hour cancellation policy is one of the most flexible in the industry. Most training studios require 24 hours notice of cancellation.

4. How does the waitlist work?

If a session is full, you can add yourself to the waitlist. If another participant cancels, you will be notified via email that you were added to session. If you have opted-out of our email list, you will not receive these notifications. You are responsible for your training times if you are added to a session from the waitlist. If you do not cancel your session, and do not attend, our standard cancellation policy will apply.

5. I was not added to the session. Can I just come by anyway to see if there is room?

We highly recommend that you do not do this. It is very rare that members scheduled do not show up. It puts us in an awkward position because you are here, you are a valued part of our business, and we would love to have you join the session. However, we do not want to sacrifice the quality of our Small Group Training by exceeding the 8 participant limit. Thank you for understanding.

6. Due to a personal reason (travel, illness etc.) I need to put my membership on hold. What are your policies around this?

Synergy limits its number of members and freezing ensures that we will reserve your spot during your absence. You may freeze your membership for up to two months. Freezing means you are on hold and these frozen months do not apply towards your commitment time. To officially freeze just fill out the freeze form at Synergy. The fee for freezing is $19.00 for each month you are frozen.

7. I saw a small charge on my credit card that I do not recognize. What is this charge for?

You very likely exceeded your monthly allotment of sessions. Let’s say your membership plan allows for 12 sessions monthly and you happen to do 13 in a month. You are automatically charged your per session rate for the thirteenth session. If you happen to do 14 that month then you are charged the per session rate twice. Our computer software, Mind Body, tracks all of your visits, so at anytime you can see how many sessions you have done each month. After you have logged in under the MY INFO tab, just click “visit history” and all your sessions are tracked here.

8. It’s snowing. Are you open?

We strive to never allow the weather to interfere with Synergy business. However, if there is a state of an emergency, for the safety of our training team and members, we will close. Please use your best judgment and if you feel it is unsafe for you to travel to Synergy, then please remove yourself from the schedule. If we are forced to close due to above, we send an email notification and post it on Facebook.

9. What is the best way to contact someone if I have a question?

Our trainers are very busy doing what they do best – training! It will be challenging and distracting for them to thoroughly answer questions not related to fitness during sessions. We do check the voicemail daily. However, to get a speedy response, simply email Member Services at [email protected]. We will be back in touch as quickly as possible.