At 49, I’m in the best shape of my life!

I have been meaning to write a personal review for Synergy PFT for quite some time.


After joining Synergy as a client I noticed there was something different about this experience.  After a couple of years now being a member/client I know what one of those things is – The Trainers Care!


At one point, I hated exercise and was always looking for a get-out-of-working-out-free card. Then, overweight and out-of-shape, I found my way into Synergy and met Brad.   Ever since then (going on two years now!), I’ve been a regular in Brad’s morning schedule.
Brad and his team have helped me appreciate what exercise can do for you aside from losing weight or inches (which is what we all want).  The Team at Synergy can help you grow, and ultimately, embrace my inner athlete.  If you are like me and always had an excuse to not work out this is the place for you!  After time you begin to not want to miss your session and even strive for a harder workout routine and believe me the trainers at Synergy always keep you guessing!


Brad’s passion for health and fitness is contagious.  You are constantly held accountable for your diet, routine, and time out of the gym and it works.  At almost the “BIG 49” I am in the best shape of my life, I have more energy to tackle my day and feel good about the way my clothing fits.


Feeling good about your body, mind and spirit from the routines at Synergy change your life – literally.  I am a better person at work and at home because of the physical and mental health obtained from my regular work outs.


Another great advantage is the MYZONE program.  You can track you daily progress, calories burned and other stats using this very simple program.  I have a personal goal of not leaving my sessions until I burn 1000 calories – it is possible and a lot of fun to watch the clock tick and the calories are burned away!


Do yourself and those around you a favor – join Synergy PFT now and experience what it is like to feel good!  T


David C.

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