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I’ve been going to Synergy for several years now..this is THE best small group training I have ever experienced. Brad and Sean are knowledgeable on fitness and nutrition and have no problem offering other ways of targeting muscle groups-say… when your body doesn’t like certain moves. They are friendly and easy going but that doesn’t mean they let you off easy during the workout! They pay attention and make corrections when your form is a little off, but never to embarrass. We all want to exercise correctly so we don’t injure ourselves. If you are new to working out, there is no need to feel intimidated (like big gyms), no need to feel nervous because Brad and Sean encourage people to go at their own pace until they start feeling comfortable (it does not affect the other clients, who you will also find helpful and welcoming). I cannot stress enough how great Synergy is! Give their new client special a try. They also offer low impact sessions separate from the main sessions which is a great way to ease into it! Thank you guys for always keeping me motivated, even on the days I’m not!

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