Molly Gentilucci

Lost 40 Lbs

I had worked with personal trainers (one-on-one), joined big box gyms, and tried working out on my own – none of which worked for me. So, when a friend told me about how much they loved Synergy’s small group training, I was excited to give it a try (considering this was probably the only type of gym I hadn’t tried).

The entire process was quite easy. I first had a phone conversation with Brad, the owner, who was more than helpful in answering all of my big and small questions. Next, I came in for a meeting with Jackie, Membership Service Manager, who gave me a tour of the gym, went through the easy-to-use online scheduling system, set me up with the Six-Week Jump Start program, and led me through some initial fitness tests.

I have been with Synergy for four months now and have lost 40 lbs. and dropped 10% in body fat. Since my initial fitness test, I have doubled the time in which I can hold a wall sit, I have over tripled the time in which I can hold a plank, and quadrupled the amount of push-ups I can complete.

The trainers at Synergy are amazing. Even though the sessions can have up to five participants, I still receive individualized attention and care. I mainly work with Jimmy and Sean – both of whom are excellent motivators and know their stuff.

Since making working out part of my weekly routine I have learned to love exercising. On the days I am not at Synergy I do my best to do some sort of physical activity – walking/running, biking, swimming, or paddle boarding. I am truly so happy when exercising, and genuinely feel bummed out on days I do not get to do some type of activity.

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