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Sandy McLellan

No More gyms that don’t care about me

After years of yoyo dieting and being known in every Weight Watchers from Waltham to Worcester. Joining Big box gyms, Women’s Only gyms only to be left alone, unmotivated with no idea what to do. Driving by this small corner gym many times I noticed a big sign advertising a Biggest Loser challenge. I went in and met Brad. His big smile and passion for fitness was a deal breaker. That was the day my life and health turned around. Telling Brad about my unmotivated ways he encouraged me to not only join but participate in the Challenge. In my normal fashion I went out and bought workout outfits for each day. I was going to look good. While deciding what outfit to wear I realized this is not about fashion this was my chance to really improve myself. No I didn’t win the challenge but I did win strength, confidence all in the same workout clothes.
In 11 weeks Synergy helped me lose 14 pds, 3.5 inches off my waist and lowered my BMI. I have seen parts of my anatomy I haven’t seen in years and I’m not talking feet. The staff are great and the all the clients are supportive.
Besides working hard, learning about nutrition , we laugh, sing and I occasionally dance to celebrate feeling good.
No more dieting. No more gyms that don’t care about me. I finally found something that works… Synergy!!!

Thanks for the room full of smiles!
Thanks for helping me help myself.
You’re the best.

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