What's in your water?

I have told this story hundreds maybe thousands of times! It is about time I started sharing more on this blog to communicate with the community. The timing is perfect since it goes along with the start of our 2015 Personal Best Challenge. I have already received several emails asking if flavored water, seltzer water, tonic water etc. qualify as water for the Challenge? So here goes the story:

I was actively personal training at a local big box gym at the time. My dedicated, hardworking, driven client, Linda was on a mission to lose weight. We had been working together for 3 months and she had lost 20 pounds, increased muscle tone and got a whole host of fitness benefits. She was thrilled! She mentioned that she would really love to lose just 10 more pounds. We trained together 2 times weekly for 60 minutes and in addition she was also doing cardio. for 45 minutes 3 times a week. I just could not imagine advising her to do more exercise. She was a 49-year-old, busy, working mom and needs to have a life outside of the gym. I suggested we take a look at her nutrition.

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What's in your water?