I also love that you’re able to accommodate “special requests” when I have a slight injury and want a variation on what to do.

Small groups, interval training that is always changing and consistent trainers.

The hour goes quickly because there are always new exercises to learn.

The trainers and the cancellation policy. Love the 3-hour window. Super convenient!

Positive energy! Pushes me.

The knowledge and expertise of the staff in being able to synthesize a challenging and appropriate workout, with consistency.

I really like the format of the cardio being split between the floor and weight work. I had been at Get in Shape a few years ago and I notice that I feel like I am working harder here. I feel like no one is being judged by what one can and cannot do. There are all types of people at all different levels. I like that as I get stronger I feel I will continue to be challenged.
Small group training

Everything…The trainers are great. I very much enjoy the Plyo routines as well. The challenges always keep me motivated even when I am not in the ‘mood’ to motivate myself. I like the monthly emails as well. I may not have time to read them immediately, but once I do, they are helpful and I save all of them. Sometimes also sharing with family as well.

Lots of energy, change it up, almost always tries to accommodate your schedule and will add from wait list or adjust if late.

I like the small groups and passion the trainers have to make it the best workout for everyone.

The one on one aspect of it, the energy that the trainers bring and the fact that they not only push you on the workouts, but on the cardio equipment as well!

The encouragement and how the workouts are consistently challenging!

The small groups and attention to detail

The structure and the trainers

Trainers and the way they’re able to mix up the workouts to keep them fresh and challenging.

Trainers are great… offers frequent class time choices. Always starts and ends on time. I have yet to try boot camp…but plan on doing so! I really like the 9 min intervals.

I like the instructors — Jim, Sean and Cynthia are great!!

This is a tough question! I really enjoy everything about SynergyPFT!! It’s been a perfect fit for me.

The trainers/ their commitment to pushing you to your maximum

The various workouts/ intervals- makes the time go by fast

The trainers are amazing! I also like the set up of the workout when it switches between cardio intervals and weight circuits; it makes the workout fly by.

Sean is great and the exercises are challenging and fun.

I like the staff a lot! The trainers are great and they motivate you to push yourself a lot, which is something I needed. It helped me prepare for the police academy and also lose 45 lbs!!

Each segment is only 9 minutes, much easier to tolerate hard work that is not always comfortable if you know it will not be for very long. I also like that you do not depend on machines that only work 1 muscle at a time.

Quality of workouts/ trainers

The small size of the gym & classes, the people, the set up of the workouts, the variety of the workouts, that we’re challenged but still motivated to achieve more.

I have never committed to a gym or working out for this consecutive length of time before, so that in itself speaks volumes! I love it – through Synergy and its trainers, my workouts are much more effective and motivating.

I also like that it’s not pretentious – the trainers treat everyone the same no matter their fitness level and you don’t feel intimated.

I like that your trainers will change the program to accommodate for a person that might not be able to do an intense exercise and it is done flawlessly.

The person doesn’t feel excluded from the class.

Love the accountability and the back and forth between trainer and cardio.

The personalized attention. The trainers are very knowledgeable and I always feel taken care of during my workouts.

The trainers are very professional and they know what is best for you. I’ve learned a lot in this month and continue to learn. Positive encouragements – are great motivators.

I like how the cardio and weights are broken up into segments. It makes the time go by much faster.

I like the accountability. I like that I need to make appointments and keep the appointments. I have tried many gyms/exercise routines in the past and never lasted very long with them. With Synergy I know I have an appointment and I need to show up. The trainers have always been very attentive to my individual needs and provide modified exercises when needed. This is a great help. They also make the hour of exercise as fun as possible while providing a great workout.

Encouraging, positive atmosphere and encouragement from instructors. Personal attention to detail from instructors.


Variety of exercises – each week is different.

Running outside.

Sense of camaraderie from team runs and challenges.

Everyone I have met (Brad and Sean) has been extremely nice, energetic and just overall great people. They make you feel comfortable in what could be a pretty intimidating environment, which I greatly appreciate as a person who can be somewhat shy.

The people, the trainers and how the workout is broken down in intervals. The strength training exercises change up so that it doesn’t get boring.

Friendly, inviting, intimidating, but I’ve never been stronger, healthier, or more active in my life. Love you guys!

The trainers; they are all amazing, supportive and interesting. I feel like I get different work outs from each of them, but they’re all equally tough, fun, and effective.

The different workouts, motivation, most of the people, awesome trainers, never boring, and 5K options.

Sean the trainer is excellent and patient

I like that I can get in both strength and cardio in in one hour, and love that I have someone to push me in the strength workout. If I was just at the gym by myself there are times where I would stop because I was tired, or where my form would suffer because someone wasn’t correcting me. I feel like I get more out of every workout at Synergy.

I love Syn, brought my husband in and he loves it too. It helped me prepare for my wedding and helps me to stay motivated after the wedding to maintain my exercise plans and informing me about good nutritional decisions.

I think SynergyPFT is great for any fitness level. I would highly recommend it to all my friends. The atmosphere is definitely worth signing up for in itself. The trainers, the members, everyone is so friendly and high energy. I always look forward to my workouts.

He is very respectful and helpful. He is will always be checking and correcting form. He also is willing to suggest modifications if needed. He is knowledgeable and friendly and has a great sense of humor. Probably my favorite trainer. He’s helpful, clear in his explanations, funny, motivating, and never comments in such a way that I feel bad about what I decide to do with my exercise regimen. Pushes me hard, is fun to work with, has difficult yet do-able workouts, changes the workouts to make them more challenging for me. Sean’s great! He’s super motivating and very approachable. I’m not afraid to ask him any questions I have and he is very good at accommodating & modifying exercises for different training levels. Never skips a beat when I say I can’t do an exercise, gives me something else to do to work that muscle group. Also very nice and personable. Sean da bomb! Smart and goofy at the same time, which is a great combo in an instructor. Sean has the ability to create a comfortable atmosphere for people to work out in, no matter what their level, while providing instruction and suggestions for improvement. He is always encouraging! My fist session was with Sean and he couldn’t have been more awesome. In just that one session he showed me how to do things I had never done, and corrected my form on things I had been doing wrong (which I could instantly feel the difference, much harder:) Sean was super nice and encouraging of everyone throughout the hour. I look forward to taking more sessions with him. THE BEST. Hilarious. Knows what he’s doing – so good at handling when the gym is full and being able to talk with everyone. First in line for Brad’s position when Brad retires. Sean

Also very personable, great info about nutrition to share. Tough workouts.

I think I have worked the most with Jimmy. He is very knowledgeable, respectful and helpful. He is constantly challenging me to do more when I may have thought I couldn’t. I had a difficult time balancing on the bosu ball and with his insistence that I could do it, now I can. He is very encouraging. I have also taken advantage of his nutrition meetings. These are extremely helpful. I leave each meeting with a purpose and a plan.

Jimmy knows what your individual goals are and how each person can benefit from the workout. He challenges everyone in each workout.

Jimmy’s workout plans are the most challenging for me. I really like being challenged and feeling like I really worked. He is very attentive to form and how each individual is performing during the class. I am confident I will get a great workout when Jimmy is teaching the class.

I love working with jimmy. He always has various workouts for cardio time, he makes workouts more challenging and he pushes me to my maximum every day. The hour goes by fast with jimmy!

Jimmy is one of the first trainers I met at Synergy. He cares about your well being. Jimmy adjusts the intensity of the exercise on the spot if he sees you struggle. He is a very good trainer and I look forward and enjoy my workouts with Jimmy 🙂

Pays very good attention to individuals throughout workout. Very good at pushing people to work hard. Harder than you think you can do. Pays attention to form. Fun guy.


Cinthya is so sweet and secretly super tough. Saturday mornings I don’t want to get up early, but I do because I look forward to seeing Cinthya and getting a good workout.

Cinthya has great energy and is always positive!! She makes the classes fly!

My personal Saturday Morning Fitness Goddess!

Cinthya is sweet but fierce! After a random weekday class with Cinthya, I started adding in Saturdays just to get a session in with her!

Very friendly, pays very close attention to alignment, very good at functional movements.


Jackie is an under appreciated treasure. Too bad she was moved off site.