Stephanie Larsen


When I first decided to get back into the gym it was after a recent promotion at work in a highly stressful ICU environment. I had also just started on my MBA, and things were hectic. Life couldn’t get any more “full”, so making myself go to the gym after a 12 hour shift and being motivated was highly unsuccessful. I live about 3 minutes away from Synergy and drive by all the time. I looked online to see what it was all about. At first I was a bit nervous with my schedule that I wouldn’t have “time” to go. I had time that I was wasting! After meeting with Brad, I knew this is what I needed. I needed to be held accountable! I needed motivation and push! That is exactly what I receive at Synergy. From online scheduling, making me accountable to attend, to the extra push that the trainers give me, keeping me motivated! I actually enjoy going to the gym now. After the end of my first six weeks, I had definitely noticed a huge difference in how I felt, how my clothes were fitting, and how much more I paid attention to my diet.

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