Our Best Nutrition and Diet Advice

We get asked a lot about diet trends, the latest “health foods” and quick fix plans to help you lose weight. Here’s our best nutrition and diet advice.
  • Don’t do crash diets! Don’t get sucked into whatever weight loss diet is popular for the moment. Just eat a little of everything. Don’t cut out anything unless you have an allergy/digestive issue with it.
  • Carbs are not evil. Our bodies need them for energy and many other daily functions. Just focus on eating the cleaner carbs (whole grains, beans, fruit, etc).
  • If your stomach handles dairy well, have some of it, just not large portions.
  • If you overdo it with something, just reset and go back to eating healthy and balanced. Don’t punish yourself by not eating or mentally tear yourself apart. Just move on and get back on track.
  • Enjoy food (and drink) and keep your portion sizes in check. Don’t eat until you’re stuffed – eat slowly so that it registers when you’re comfortably full. This will train your body and will eventually become habitual.
  • Limit white sugar, white flour, fried foods, fatty meats and alcohol, but make sure to enjoy them here and there. Demonizing foods will only make you crave them more.
  • Take all of the tips from our last challenge and work on slowly building them into your long term routine. If you’re already doing all of them, maybe pinpoint one that could use some improvement and focus a bit more on that one.
  • Be consistent and patient and you will see small changes (as many of the challenge participants did). Those small changes will collectively lead to better health,quality of life and a firmer, more toned body.
  • Let go of the number on the scale. I’ve seen too many people obsess, torture and starve themselves in order to make that scale move. This leads to unhappiness and stress (which can cause an increase in hormones that can promote weight gain).
  • Keep everything balanced and focus on your health!

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