Fresh Start Program

Have you been in a workout rut?
Need to start back slowly but steadily?
Not sure where to begin?


6 Week Program

1 LIVE workout weekly for 6 weeks a trainer / coach will be there to demonstrate, support and motivate you through a 30 minute, easy to follow, light intensity, low impact fitness routine. The session will include a warm-up, resistance training, flexibility, suggested modifications and an opportunity for q & a at the end of each workout.

You will then have 24/7 access to a recorded version of that session. During that week you can perform the recorded workout as often as you would like in the convenience of your own home. A fresh workout is then introduced each week following the format above.

The LIVE sessions are Mondays at 10:30 AM. You can schedule workouts in the studio (up to only 4 people at a time) or you can follow along virtually in the comfort of your own home. The only equipment you will need is 2 hand weights (dumbbells) or something to use for resistance (laundry detergent, water bottles etc.).

Can’t make the LIVE session? We got you covered…follow the weekly recordings only at a discounted rate.

Program is designed specifically for those who have been away from fitness for a while or are just beginning and need a FRESH START!

If you have any questions contact us