Month: June 2014


A calorie  is a unit of energy, and too many units of energy can lead to excess body fat. 


3500 Calories = 1lb of body weight

To lose weight you must burn more calories than you take in creating a caloric deficit


How to create a caloric deficit?

BURN 250 more calories daily

EAT 250 less calories daily

          500 calories over 7 days = 3500 calories = LOSE 1LB A WEEK




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Workout # 1

Everyone works at their own station. Equipment: Mat, DB, med ball, stacks of steps 3-4 high. Have stations ready. As many rounds as possible in 9 minutes


Arm crosses (over under)                                                       15
Push Ups                                                                                    15
Seated 2 arm bent over  DB row                                            15
Alt. Straight leg oblique sit-ups w/ med ball                       10 each side


Calf stretch                                                                                10 seconds each
Hammer curl / calf raise                                                        15
Lying DB tricep extension                                                      15
Reverse crunch                                                                         20


Shoulder stretch                                                                        10 second hold each side
Pole sit with a front raise                                                        15
1 leg sit/ stand                                                                           15 each
Plank                                                                                          60 second hold

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1. Eat 5 -6 SMALL meals daily.

                  * Big meals expand your stomach walls

                  * Small meals shrink the size of your stomach

2.  During cardio  ACCELERATE for short intervals (see HIIT training workout).

               * Keep intensity above 5 on a 1-10 scale  during entire cardio workout

3.  Keep heart rate elevated even during MUSCLE CONDITIONING portion of your workout.

4.  Train all your major muscle groups to BOOST your RESTING METABOLISM.




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Workout # 2

Everyone works at their own station. Equipment: DB, mat, . Have stations ready. As many rounds as possible in 9 minutes


Quad Stretch                                     10 seconds each
Lunge / side raise                             15 each
2 Arm Kickback                                 15
Flutter Kicks                                      30


Shoulder Stretch                               10 seconds each
Push-ups                                             15
Lunge Push (DB)                               15 each
1 Leg Plank                                          30 seconds each


Groin Stretch                                         10 seconds
Straight Leg Sit up (med ball)            20
1 Arm DB Row                                        15
Static Lunge                                            20 second hold each

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