Are You Sabotaging Yourself?

This week’s topic was spurred by a member question. After successfully finishing up the 7 week Maintain Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge she wondered, “Why do people sabotage themselves after they’ve hit a fitness or weight-loss goal?” We think lots of people encounter this same issue and it’s a common challenge among the fitness crowd.
Here’s a typical example of self sabotage as it relates to fitness or weight loss. Maybe your goal is to drop 10 pounds over the course of two months. For those two months you are consistent with your exercise and adhere to a strictly healthy diet. At the end, you step on the scale and BAM! You’ve hit your target. You’re 10 pounds lighter and feel confident and proud. Maybe at that point you’re feeling a bit too confident and you start to think, “I achieved my goal and I deserve a reward.” Since you’ve been dieting, your reward is probably some kind of food you’d been staying away from. And that triggers the self-sabotaging spiral of making poor choices and the guilt that inevitably goes with it.

According to health and wellness coach, Jason Christoff the reason people self-sabotage is nearly always the same.

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