Month: July 2018

5 Morning Habits for Health and Weight Loss

What’s your morning routine like? Are your mornings chaotic, rushed and hectic? Or do you start your days feeling rested, calm and fueled for productivity? Did you know that your answer to that question can have a huge impact on your health and weight loss success (or lack thereof)?

If you’ve been on a healthy path for a while, you’ve probably realized by now that there’s more to being healthy than just working out and eating clean. Truth be told, you can work out religiously and fuel your body with only nutritious foods and still not be at the pinnacle of health.

Here are 5 habits to incorporate into your morning routine that will positively impact your body’s ability to metabolize fat and be healthier and more productive all day long.
Start your day with a huge glass of water – Unless you’re waking during the night to drink, chances are you’ll wake up in the morning in a state of dehydration. After going 6-9 hours with no water, your body needs to be rehydrated to wake your metabolism. It’s been proven that drinking water in the morning will help you burn more fat throughout the day through a process called water-induced thermogenesis.

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A Well Stocked Pantry is Key to Diet Success

If you’re trying to eat healthy by making your own nutritious meals, a well-stocked pantry can mean the difference between stress-free and effortless meal prep versus grabbing for the takeout menu again. Take a look in your fridge and cupboards. Do you have what it takes to assemble three healthy and nutritive meals plus snacks that taste good and will keep you satisfied throughout the day? If you’re like many people, the answer is no.
Often what happens in the kitchen is less organized meal preparation and more scrambling to create some semblance of a healthy meal before we crash. And, we all know the food choices we make when we’re hungry will not always be the best. There’s an old adage that says, if you fail to prepare then you prepare to fail. This is certainly very applicable to healthy eating.
Consider the following simple shopping list as a starting point for start stocking your kitchen with all the elements to create wholesome and healthful meals that will line up with your fitness and wellness goals.
With the right ingredients on hand you’ll be able to pull together a solid rotation of dependable breakfast,

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Did Your Diet Explode on July 4th?

All across the country people celebrated Independence Day with parties, fireworks and time with friends and family. As fun as they are, holidays like the 4th of July are very common times for people to fall off the wagon when it comes to their diets and fitness routines. But, slipping up (even a few times) over the holiday week doesn’t have to completely unravel all the progress you’ve made.

Here’s what to do if fireworks weren’t the only thing to blow up over this holiday week.

Acknowledge your slip up and move on. What’s done is done. Acknowledge that everyone, including you, is going to slip up once in a while. You’ll only set yourself up for personal disappointment if you expect perfection 100% of the time. If you live a generally healthy lifestyle, a short period of veering off track won’t turn you into an out of shape slug. Beating yourself up and wallowing in guilt will only prolong your episode and put more time and space between you and your overall healthy habits. In fact, a negative mindset has just as detrimental an effect on your body as eating bad food.

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This Simple Thing Will Get You Better Weight Loss Results

If there was one simple thing you could do that would almost guarantee you better weight loss results, would you do it? If the answer is yes, then grab a pen and a notebook because that one thing does exist and it is the simple act of keeping a food journal. Not just one, but several studies have shown that keeping a food journal helps people to lose more weight. One study in particular that was published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine showed that people who kept a food diary six days per week lost almost twice as much weight as those who did not!
Keeping a food diary is an excellent tactic for weight loss as it increases two key things: your awareness and accountability for the foods you consume. If you’re diligent and write down everything you eat or drink it can help you see where some of your “hidden calories” may be lurking. It can also reveal patterns such as times of day that you veer off track. And, sometimes just knowing you’ll have to record that late night bowl of ice cream is enough of a deterrent to stop you from having it.

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