Portion (Out of) Control

We’ve all heard the old adage that bigger is better. Over the last 40 years or so, it seems the American public has applied this to just about everything. A bigger car is better. A bigger house is better. A bigger job is better. But, there’s one thing that has ballooned over the years and the increase is definitely not for the better. It’s portion sizes. As portion sizes have gotten bigger our waistlines have too. There is a direct correlation between the increase in portion sizes and the rate of obesity in this country.

Just a quick peek at social media will show you the evidence. Foodies post pics of plates overflowing with food. Steaks the size of your head. Wine glasses that look more like decanters. Even health blogs will show a giant sized smoothie that’s big enough for three. It seems that across the board, whether we’re talking about fast food or health food, our measures of what makes a portion are entirely off.

Based on research, our activity levels have not changed much over the last 40 years, but our dietary intake certainly has. While it’s impossible to calculate a precise number,

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