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Assessment Day: Wednesday and Thursday


Body Composition Assessment – Wednesday and Thursday

14 minutes of cardio, 28 minutes on the floor, 14 minutes of cardio

Perform assessments as soon as they arrive.
Members get their own folder, step on digital scale and record their own weight (do not do it for them!). Refer them to white board for OMRON instructions. Be ready to coach them through process. Have member record their own BF% and BMI (do not do it for them). Have members file their folder ALPHABETICALLY (announce this!) in organizer on top of file cabinet (not back into cabinet!). Begin workout. If any member is delayed at getting started with the workout, just have them jump into the session at the same point where other participant(s) are in the workout.

add the following to whiteboard:

Need: folder, pen, OMRON

14:1 /28:1 / 14:1

Body weight

Body Fat percentage


20 Squat / shoulder press

20 Hammer curl

20 Push-ups

20 Alternating reverse lunge

20 Weighted sit-up

20 Lying tricep extension

20 Weighted calf raise

20 Alternating 2 arm row

20 Scissor kick




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