Betsy Kimball

Its Not Just About Weight Loss

This past weekend, I finished the 3 day, 180 mile bicycle Trek Across Maine for the fourth time. While a challenge, as it should be, it was not grueling due to this past year’s training at Synergy. And my improved level of fitness made the challenge enjoyable.

I’ve been a member of Synergy for over 2 years, and each year the 3 day hill-filled Trek – an excellent measure of endurance, strength and cardio fitness – has gotten easier to accomplish – and consequently, much more enjoyable to do. Improved cardio fitness has given me confidence to take on road biking challenges which once seemed close to impossible. I’m looking forward to doing a one day Boston-P’town ride this weekend, and a ride across NY State this summer, thanks to the whole body workouts at Synergy. The focus on core strength and cardio improvement – geared to my personal level of fitness – has allowed challenges which seemed insurmountable to be within reach – and enjoyable.

Synergy can help you as an athlete improve your own personal level of fitness and give you confidence to go for goals which once seemed out of reach. Synergy allows you to work out at your own particular level in a group context – and provides the best mixture of a supervised, individualized workouts while still working out with others.

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