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Common Workout Myths

When it comes to working out and getting fit, it seems like everyone has their “expert” opinion. Unfortunately much of what’s out there is false or inaccurate. And with the sheer volume of information it can be hard to sift through to get to good, sound fitness advice. Here are some common workout myths to be aware of.

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Synergy Holiday Swap Outs

Welcome to week 5 of Synergy’s Maintain Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge. This week as the holidays are in full swing, we’re focusing again on strength training.


For many, the season of giving is also the season of getting over indulgent with food and drinks. And while we’re all for allowing yourself to enjoy the holidays and the festivities that go with them,

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Ready to Burst?

We’re going into the third week of the Maintain Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge at Synergy Personal Fitness Training. This week we are shifting the focus from high rep or endurance training to training with intermittent aerobic bursts.

Fitness experts used to recommend 45 – 60 minutes of moderate intensity exercise as the best way to lose weight,

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Using High Rep Workouts to Get Great Results

Congratulations! We’re on to week 2 of the Maintain Don’t Gain holiday challenge at Synergy Personal Fitness Training. This week we’re switching our focus from strength to endurance or high rep training. That means we’ll be going for high rep sets of 15 or more repetitions using lighter weights in our resistance training.

There’s a long-standing misconception that any kind of weight training will make you “bulk up.” So,

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Is Sugar Really Bad for You?

The recent consensus among the health conscious crowd is that sugar is bad for you. It’s blamed for everything from expanding waistlines to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In fact, some are even shying away from eating fruit because of its sugar content. But is sugar really bad for you?

While some might say that sugar is sugar —

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The Power of Protein

High protein diets are the rage. With people following diets like the Caveman Diet, the South Beach Diet and the Atkins Diet, grocery shelves are stocked with everything from protein shakes and protein bars to protein chips and protein pancakes. Numerous studies have proven that eating a high protein diet is good for you. In fact,

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Don’t Let Back to School Stress Derail Your Fitness

Nowadays, it’s not just kids who are getting the back to school jitters.  It’s parents too!  A recent survey conducted by revealed that 55 percent of parents feel more stressed during the back to school season and more than 30 percent experience significant anxiety over it.  

By September, bonfires, BBQs and beach days are just warm memories of a great summer.  

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