Deac Michelsohn

I Hated My Body

Synergy is amazing! Four months ago I remember sitting down with Brad and having “real talk”. I was heavy, an ex athlete with ulcers and unmanageable stress. I hated my body. The inabilities I was beginning to face with excess weight was starting to impact my job, relationships and self worth. Brad was compassionate, and reassuring. He helped me realize that this could be temporary thoughts and not an inevitable future.
Synergy is no nonsense, and the results are amazing. I began at Synergy unable to do even one push up! In just four months I’m already a different person. The ulcers went away and I discovered a love for running and healthy eating I never had before.

I’m already down over twenty pounds! I think differently, eat differently, and have recreated the relationship I have with food. I could NOT have done it without the Synergy team. Every workout I leave learning something new about my body. Whether it’s something about my endurance, my strength, or my athletic identity. If you have doubts about signing up, don’t. It’s the best choice you could make for your health. Oh and the push-ups? I can do over twenty now. 😉

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