Emily Brash

30 Pounds GONE!!!

In January of 2016 I made the decision to finally start to prioritize my needs and my health. I started my path to better health by cutting out excess sugar and alcohol (2 things that were holding me back from losing excess weight). In addition to changing my eating habits I committed to going to Synergy at least 3 times per week and really working my hardest to burn fat and increase muscle. I noticed that with just the diet I was losing weight, but it was the workouts at Synergy that began to transform my body composition overall!

I live a very busy lifestyle and have always found it hard to get motivated to go to the gym at the end of a long work day. In the past I have become bored with gyms and workout classes and would ultimately give up on going after a few months using “I am too tired after work” as an excuse. What I love about Synergy is that the workouts are different every day and the trainers know me and my fitness level enough to continue to challenge me as I get stronger and stronger. Instead of dreading going to the gym these days I actually look forward to it! The environment is relaxed and at the same time very motivating and positive.

After 4 months of focusing on my diet and consistently working out at Synergy I have reached my first weight loss goal of 30 pounds gone! Thank you Brad, Cynthia, Sean, Jim and Jackie!

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