I have always loved the feeling of working out but never liked the feeling of walking into a large gym with no guidance on what to do. After driving by Synergy PFT for months and months, peeking in the windows to see just how big it really was, I finally made the call and set up an appointment to meet Brad back in September 2019. He was so friendly and instantly made me feel comfortable about being back at a gym. While sitting down talking to Brad about why I wanted to get back into the gym and what my future goals were, one class was leaving for the day and another class was just starting up. Everyone who came in and out of the door, Brad knew their name and some bits of information about them. I left that day feeling like “this is my new gym!”

Once COVID-19 came about and businesses were starting to close my first concern was “What about my gym?” I had just hit my 6-month mark at Synergy and was now fully adapted to my new habit of going to the gym after work. Brad, Emilia and Sean assured us the gym would still go on and it did. Virtual workouts have helped me maintain not only my physical health but my mental health during these completely unnormal times. The staff has reached out to me personally via email and text to see how I am doing. They have loaned me gym equipment, cheered me on through my virtual workouts and thanked me for “making their day” by showing up to the sessions

Since joining Synergy, I have become stronger, healthier and more confident. What once was a short drive or 15 minutes’ walk to the gym, is now a click into a Zoom meeting where you are still greeted with a friendly hello and asked how your day has been.

I add my scheduled workout times to my work calendar each week and sign in like I would any other Zoom meetings these days, but this is by far the one meeting I look forward to most. I am down 12lbs in 6 months and am thankful every day for making that call to sign up for SynergyPFT!

Thank you to the staff for all you do!

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