Hey Jimmy,

Just wanted to let you know how much I like and appreciate our one on one nutrition consultations. We started monitoring my nutrition and tracking my food choices a month ago and I was so thrilled with yesterday’s weigh in- 8 lbs lighter to date and so much happier! Keeping track of my food intake on a daily journal really helped me cut down on the unhealthy junk and incorporate more healthy vegetables, fruit, and good protein to my diet. Your 80/20 principle really works too! I find myself planning and preparing my meals for the week around the 20% less healthy meals (eating out, holiday parties). So if I know I’m going to try out a new restaurant Thursday night, I’m going to eat clean and healthy Monday to Wednesday so I can enjoy my dinner out.

Also, thank you for keeping it simple- focusing on 3 nutrition changes until the next meeting. I cut down on my CHEESE intake (absolute weakness for me), limited the number of meals I dined out, and maintained the 80/20 rule. Swapping high sodium deli meats for rotisserie chicken has helped with meal preps too! Great suggestions.

By no means are these nutrition changes easy for me. But I remind myself to take it a day at a time and keep tracking in my food journal. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it! So thanks for keeping me motivated and guiding me through the process (especially during this challenging holiday season!)

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