Body Felt Less Bloated

Dear Syn trainers,

Just wanted to thank all of you for your support and encouragement on my journey to better fitness and nutrition. I am surprised but very excited that I won the 6 week nutrition challenge. Yay!! The challenge has taught me to make smarter choices- more fresh veggies/fruit/salads with protein, more water, less processed snacks, less alcohol. Who knew a delicious margarita would have so many calories? (Sorry, but football season has commenced so it’s back to beers on Sunday haha)

Thank you Jimmy for all your nutrition advice- the meetings were a wealth of knowledge and kept me motivated. My body felt less bloated and by eating smaller meals with snacks throughout the day, I felt more energy. The hardest part of the challenge for me was limiting my dining out as I look forward to not having to cook and going out for a fun meal. I did however make better choices and limited my bread to one piece with some butter (yes butter, I’m still eating out and want to enjoy it) and chose not to eat the whole bread basket. Moderation is key!

Improved nutrition led to improved workouts… So thanks again Syn team! You’re awesome and please keep the challenges coming!

Many thanks,

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