Small Group Training Gym (SGTG) that can accommodate someone with limitations. Reasonably priced – not requiring more than a month of fees upfront. Reputation for honesty and longevity. A trainer who can juggle and personalize workouts. Availability of morning classes. Friendly folks. Not more than 5 miles from home.

After an exhaustive search for a small group training gym that felt right, I found Synergy. The owner and head trainer have been there for over 12 years. The owner is present most days and knows each and every member by name. The two trainers are of the highest caliber. The scheduling is easy, works smoothly and the financial aspect is transparent and accurate. No hassles.

I’m over 70 and have many limitations. I’m a veteran of the last six years of another SGTG that had one trainer after another come and go. It was very disruptive and the gym went out of business, leaving most of us high and dry. The lead trainer at Synergy automatically gives me alternate exercises when I hit my limitations. When the pandemic restrictions were put in place they immediately designed on-line classes, which have been a terrific success.

I can’t say enough about this gym, the trainers, and the owner. They are accountable on every level and the workouts are top notch. I not only found a really good gym but a community of folks that I now consider an integral part of keeping healthy. Just walking into the gym you can feel the energy.

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