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My wife and I are both physicians and in our late 60’s. We recently moved to Boston from another State. We had always belonged to some Gym or the other and always signed up with a personal trainer ( the last two were ex-Marines). However, we still had a lot of extra weight on ourselves. I had a large gut, and our Lab results showed that, among other levels, my Hemogobin A1c was pretty high – 6.9.( thats almost pre-diabetic!) We often felt tired, lethargic, crabby, and without energy. My waist size was 36 !

We looked at various Gyms in the Boston area and joined Synergypft in Waltham in early May 2015. Your one hour interval training system has proven very successful with both my wife and myself! We went back to our friends the ex-Marine trainers and even they were impressed with how we looked. We told them your routine and how successful it is! My waist size is now 32! Down 4 inches in 6 months. My weight is lower and my clothes are all loose on me. Best of all, my Hb A1C is 6.5 – all my Physician colleagues are impressed. ( I have also been watching my diet )

My wife has had similar results. Our family and friends comment on how much healthier we look and how much trimmer. We both feel younger, more energetic, we feel happier and fit. We have lost inches and weight, and it is all thanks to Synergypft and the wonderful team you have there.

Jim, Sean, Cynthia, Jackie and Brad are the best! You all push us to do our best , you are all friendly and the atmosphere in the room is always a very nice one. No judgement, no criticism, but lots of friendly encouragement and teaching of the proper technique of doing the exercises. Each trainer is constantly observing the four people in his or her group and making sure that the exercises are being done in a way as to provide the best results. Jim has been great with his vast knowledge of a proper diet. His classes and teaching of what to not eat taught two physicians a lot. We now know that foods that we ate thinking that they were okay to eat are no-no’s. And that has helped us a lot too.

I wish more people who want to feel fit, and who put in the time, effort, energy and money, knew about and tried Synergypft in Waltham. They would see that the same amount of time and effort would get them the real results that they are looking for – just like my wife and I found !

With our gratitude,


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