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The Best Way to Battle Holiday Stress

Have you ever heard the Christmas carol that calls the holiday season ” the most wonderful time of the year?” Although I love the holidays and the festivities that go along with them, the reality is there’s also a TON of stress around this season.
A survey from the American Psychological Association showed that 22% of Americans describe themselves as being under an “extreme level” of stress in general. The holidays can easily bring that to a whole other level. The other thing that can contribute to feelings of stress, anxiety and depression this time of year is the fact that winter days are shorter and we’re getting less exposure to sunlight.
There are lots of ways to cope with the stresses of the season, but the one health practitioners recommend most – besides avoiding your in-laws – is exercise. The reason is that in addition to improving your physical fitness, exercise has been scientifically proven to improve your mental fitness, too. Studies show that if you’re feeling fatigued, having a hard time focusing or in general feeling fuzzy, exercise is a quick and effective remedy.
Physical exercise actually reduces the levels of stress hormones,

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Healthy Through the Holidays

Here we go, people. It’s November. Halloween is behind us and it’s officially the start of the holiday season. It’s a time of year that can be extremely challenging for some people who struggle to stay committed to their health and fitness. It seems like temptations are everywhere and there are a million reasons this time of year to miss workouts and fall off the food wagon and flat onto your face.

I’ve already had several conversations with members who are anticipating how tough it will be. But my message to them and to you is that it does not have to be. The holidays don’t have to be the time of year that you blow your diet. It doesn’t have to be the time of year where you skip the gym more often than not. It doesn’t have to be a time when you gain weight and go into the new year feeling sluggish, guilty and regretful. Let this be the year when you coast through the holidays healthfully – where you treat your body well by enjoying the tastes and flavors of the season in moderation and keep yourself feeling energized with simple and effective workouts.

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