Here’s How to Burn Off Your Holiday Meal

As we close in on Christmas week, I hope you’re all feeling as excited for the holiday as I am. With all the build up and sometimes the stress leading up to it, I’m looking forward to the actual day when all of that is behind us, spending time with my family and sharing a delicious meal together. I wholeheartedly believe in enjoying the tastes of the season. And while I don’t deny myself of any of the foods I love around the holidays, I always do make an effort to maintain a balance and keep myself in check.

One of the ways I maintain a balance is by putting in a few higher intensity workouts. In the days leading up to and the few days after I make it a point to push myself a little harder whether I’m working out at the gym or being active outside. As I’m doing it, I imagine my body efficiently burning through all the extra calories.

Did you know that the average American Christmas meal is about 5,000 calories?  If you want to plan your pre- and post- holiday workouts here are a few exercises that will offset your holiday indulgences.

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