Small Changes That Matters

I have joined Synergy in the end of October for the six week jump start and after 18 training sessions and 3 boot camps I have lost 7.5 pounds, 7% of body fat and I went 1 size down. Woohoo! I am very pleased with my results but my journey isn’t finished yet. I am thankful to the whole Synergy¬†team for supporting me in my journey to lose weight. I enjoyed every training session and boot camps, because they were never the same exercises, I was always surprised and I am still learning what each name means. Training sessions would not help alone if I didn’t make significant changes in my nutrition. There is a saying ‘it’s easier to cut 500 calories than burn them’. I increased the vegetables intake, stayed away from starchy foods like white rice and potatoes, eliminated sweets and white bread, replaced fried meats with baked chicken and fish, and light soups became my favorite dinner. The most important part of my nutrition was to plan my meals ahead and eat 5-6 small meals thoughout the day. Every Sunday I would cook everything and pack for a week and salads I prepared every night. Snacks are important too, they gave me enough energy until the next meal.

I feel stronger, healthier and happier after these 6 weeks. I would like to thank Brad, Jimmy, Sean and Cynthia for their support, nutrition advice and continuous positive feedbacks. It’s small things that matters.

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