The need for speed…the final challenge

Week 8 – Monday 2/24 – Sunday 3/2

 Round #4 of the $100 cash prizes


Can you believe its the fourth & final challenge.  Starting Monday we will revisit the best distance during a 4 minute cardio session.  $100 cash prize will be awarded to the member that has the greatest % increase  from week 4 to week 8.  Please remember in the event of a tie we will look at your nutritional points to determine the winner so be sure to keep track of your points in your file.  The winner will be announced on Wednesday March 5th so make sure you come back to the blog and Facebook to see who it is.


Physical: REASSESMENT – 4 minute cardio interval best distance.  Use the same piece of cardio equipment as week #4 ( treadmill, bike or elliptical).

Nutritional = No caloric intake 2 hours before bed.  Water is ok.

* Remember to continue the first four weeks nutritional challenges to earn extra points

  • increase your water intake
  • eat breakfast every day
  • eat pre & post workout
  • minimize eating out
  • No dessert, candy or sweets – including sugar & artificial sweetener
  • Eat 5 – 7 small meals a day
  • Increase daily fiber intake


  • Update the white board with the following information (you will need your personal file as a reference)
  • Don’t forget to log nutritional points on your tracking sheet.

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