2014 Personal Best Challenge

2014 Personal Best Challenge

8 week challenge starting January 6th running thru March 2nd

(Monday – Sunday)



  • Synergy PFT will provide you with ONE  physical challenge weekly for 4 weeks
  • This physical challenge will be incorporated into your workout at Synergy PFT
  • Your personal RESULTS will be tracked weekly on the white board and permanently in your file
  • Each physical challenge is revisited during weeks 5,6,7,8
  • The goal is to IMPROVE on each physical challenge in 4 weeks
  • (4) $100 CASH PRIZES!!! awarded to whoever shows the greatest improvement in each physical challenge and accumulates the most points for following through with NUTRITION CHALLENGES



  • Synergy PFT will provide you with one ATTAINABLE (nothing crazy! simple changes!) nutrition challenge weekly for 8 weeks
  • Descriptions, tips and benefits of why each challenge was chosen can be viewed on our website under “about us”
  • Some weeks will be easier than others depending on your current nutritional habits
  • You will receive 1 point each week if you ACCOMPLISH that week’s challenge
  • You can EARN additional points weekly by following through with previous weeks’ challenge
  • For example: during week 5 you can earn 1 point for accomplishing that week’s nutritional challenge OR 5 points for accomplishing all 5 that you have been presented. It is ALL 5 points or only 1 – there is NO in between
  • Points will be tracked on white board weekly and permanently in your file
  • Each weeks challenge will be displayed on the blog and facebook page on Friday (giving you the weekend to prepare)



  • Challenge suitable for all fitness levels!
  • Will ramp up your motivation!
  • It’s about getting better!
  • Provide a weekly fitness focus!
  • Everyone has an equal chance of winning!
  • Fun! Friendly competition against yourself!
  • See measurable RESULTS!


Starts MONDAY!! Make it HAPPEN!!! 

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