Day: January 4, 2014

Week #1 Challenge

Monday 1/6 – Sunday 1/12

Physical: Plank (max time)

Nutritional:  Water- Drink 4 to 6 – 8 oz glasses of water a day.  To get the maximum benefit, water should replace all alcohol, soda or juice for the entire week.  


Refer to NUTRITIONAL guidelines under ABOUT US section on website to get maximum from your efforts. The closer you follow these-the better your body will respond!!

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2014 Personal Best Challenge

2014 Personal Best Challenge

8 week challenge starting January 6th running thru March 2nd

(Monday – Sunday)



  • Synergy PFT will provide you with ONE  physical challenge weekly for 4 weeks
  • This physical challenge will be incorporated into your workout at Synergy PFT
  • Your personal RESULTS will be tracked weekly on the white board and permanently in your file
  • Each physical challenge is revisited during weeks 5,6,7,8
  • The goal is to IMPROVE on each physical challenge in 4 weeks
  • (4) $100 CASH PRIZES!!! awarded to whoever shows the greatest improvement in each physical challenge and accumulates the most points for following through with NUTRITION CHALLENGES



  • Synergy PFT will provide you with one ATTAINABLE (nothing crazy! simple changes!) nutrition challenge weekly for 8 weeks
  • Descriptions, tips and benefits of why each challenge was chosen can be viewed on our website under “about us”
  • Some weeks will be easier than others depending on your current nutritional habits
  • You will receive 1 point each week if you ACCOMPLISH that week’s challenge
  • You can EARN additional points weekly by following through with previous weeks’ challenge
  • For example: during week 5 you can earn 1 point for accomplishing that week’s nutritional challenge OR 5 points for accomplishing all 5 that you have been presented.

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