Month: September 2015

Ashley D'Anna



Synergy is such a great gym! The trainers know what they are doing and are really invested in helping each individual reach their personal fitness goals. At gyms I’ve gone to in the past, I’d always been a little shy when it came to lifting weights. I didn’t know if I was doing it right and was intimated by how much others could lift and how little I could. At Synergy, the trainers teach you the proper way to lift and are so encouraging that it doesn’t matter if you can lift 5lbs or 100lbs – you are there to improve yourself and that’s what matters! I started coming to Synergy last November thinking I would just try it out for 6 months, but now I’m coming up on a year and I don’t see an end for me here. It’s the perfect gym for someone who wants to get in shape, feel good, and continue living a healthy lifestyle all while in a supportive environment. Thank you Synergy!!!

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Lauren Gilfeather



I can’t thank the Synergy team enough for helping me make my fitness goals a reality. I signed up for the 8-week Jump Start as a way to get back in shape slowly and safely following brain surgery. Since starting training in late July I have dropped 30 pounds and lowered my body fat by 7.7%. I’ve lost 6″ from my waist, and I went from being able to hold a wall sit for 1:20 to holding it for over 10 minutes! The progress I’m seeing in training has inspired me to eat more mindfully and to be active even on my off days. I love the enthusiasm and support of the Synergy staff and fellow clients. I’m hoping to reach my goal of 65 pounds lost by the end of the year…it feels so good to be halfway there already!

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Assessment: Monday – post assessment week

On Monday:

  1. remove all members folders from black organizer, bring over to desk for data collection
  2. return black organizer to normal
  3. return green OMRON bag to shelves
  4. take OMRON instructions down from white board
  5. put scale back into bathroom
  6. put refile into black organizer sign back into assessment tools file
  7. post on white board where workout is written (top right corner) date of next assessment week


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Assessment Preparation: on Tuesday

Tuesday night trainer:

  1. Put green assessment bag containing OMRONS on top of file cabinet on right of trainers desk, and unzip bag so OMRONS are visible and accessible.
  2. Put digital scale on floor to the right of file cabinet
  3. Make note on white board about how to use OMRON. Emphasis “ATHLETE” setting!
  4. Make sure all the folders in organizer are alphabetized (By last name). So they are easier to locate when members that were in Monday or Tuesday arrive.

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Assessment Preparation: On Saturday

Saturday trainer- before leaving:

  1. Make sure organizer on top of black file cabinet is empty. Put any items from organizer temporarily in bottom file drawer.
  2. Put all timers, stopwatches, and pens in front section, so they are easy for members to access
  3. Put refile into black organizer sign on top of file cabinet, just in front of organizer (so its visible!). This sign is in assessment tools file, either in bottom file cabinet drawer or in top black organizer.
  4. Check OMRONS and make sure batteries are working. If not make note and leave at front desk

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Kerry Parsons



Lost 8 lbs, lowered body fat percentage by 3.4%, Major increases in all aspects of fitness.

Joining Synergy has improved so many aspects of my life. Not only do I look great, but I feel even better. I now look forward to my workouts and the challenges presented at each one. I feel phenomenal after every workout. It has hands down been the absolute best fitness experience of my life!!

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Wendy G

I am attaching some pictures of our daughter Nina, who was born on Sunday July 26th. My water broke on Saturday July 25th at 7 am, exactly 24 hours after my last training class on July 24th. =)

I also wanted to thank Sean for keeping me as fit as possible during my pregnancy, and for adjusting workouts for the past 9 months to keep Nina and I safe! =) My labor was way easier and faster than my first one, likely due to me working out until Nina was born. The first week after labor was pretty rough, but by the end of the second week, I am almost fully recovered. I should be returning to the gym in 1-2 weeks, once I get the ok from my doctor. I hope to regain my fitness soon!

Thanks again for everything!!! You are the best!!!!

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I loved it. I went in completely exhausted and planning on going home and sleeping, and I felt so refreshed when I left. The trainer I worked with was so nice and always ready with more exercises to keep me busy. Definetly the best gym I have been too and you’ve earned one happy customer. I can’t wait to see what kind of changes will happen now that I have motivation to get it done. Thank you so much!

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