Ashley D'Anna



Synergy is such a great gym! The trainers know what they are doing and are really invested in helping each individual reach their personal fitness goals. At gyms I’ve gone to in the past, I’d always been a little shy when it came to lifting weights. I didn’t know if I was doing it right and was intimated by how much others could lift and how little I could. At Synergy, the trainers teach you the proper way to lift and are so encouraging that it doesn’t matter if you can lift 5lbs or 100lbs – you are there to improve yourself and that’s what matters! I started coming to Synergy last November thinking I would just try it out for 6 months, but now I’m coming up on a year and I don’t see an end for me here. It’s the perfect gym for someone who wants to get in shape, feel good, and continue living a healthy lifestyle all while in a supportive environment. Thank you Synergy!!!

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