Month: January 2016

Rajesh V.

Extremely helpful and friendly

Ever since joining Synergy, I have seen nothing but results. I have become more disciplined and definitely more healthy and fit. They have been very supportive and I have met other members that are as enthusiastic and friendly as I am. The training staff is extremely helpful and friendly. It is clear that they know what they are doing. I lost 22 lbs. from the time I joined until now and I am still going. I am looking forward to my continued success.

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Mike H.

I dropped 25 lbs.

I dropped 25 lbs! Synergy is the perfect place for someone like me who needs the attention of a trainer but does not want to pay the high fees associated with personal training. By doing Synergy’s small group training I still get the attention I need to help me accomplish my goals but it literally cost 1/4 of the price.

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Steve H.

Lost 22 lbs in 2 Months

In the last 2 months I have lost 22 lbs! The trainers and program at Synergy have been instrumental to my success. They are always there to help with both the fitness aspect and nutrition. The best part is that the sessions are always varied and never boring.

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Rachel M.

Can see ABS!

The training here has significantly changed my mind and my body. I lost 15 lbs., I can now fit into my high school uniform, I had to invest in a new wardrobe, can finally see abdominal muscle definition, I have more fun and have more energy than ever before, I am without a doubt in the best shape of my adult life. Working out at Synergy is the best 60 minutes of my day.

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Lillian R.

You will SUCCEED

I think Synergy is the best place to be. If you follow their plan you will succeed. I love having the support of a trainer at each workout. It’s only 4 people at a time so it makes it very personable. The trainers are always aware of how you are feeling and will always adjust the routine for you. Since joining Synergy I have lost 16 lbs. and 5% body fat. I am thankful that I have found the right place for me.

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Lee L.

Lost 15 Lbs.

I joined Synergy after taking a one year hiatus from exercise and healthy eating. My weight had ballooned and I was really noticing a negative impact on my overall health and well-being. I am excited to report that in just the first 3 months I have lost 15 lbs., I am down 2 sizes, I also feel much better physically, I have more energy and I sleep better.

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Erin M.

Bikini Body

I reached a plateau with my personal exercise routine. At Synergy I was taught how to eat properly and exercise correctly to get results. My entire body transformed! I lost inches in my waist, hips, thighs, and arms and can actually do push-ups now. I cannot fathom joining another fitness facility after the results I achieved at Synergy. I look forward to showing off my bikini body this summer!

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Bethany S.

Lost 25 Lbs. – the HEALTHY way!

I have tried a number of gyms, but I have never had the success I’ve had at Synergy. Not only are the workouts challenging, but the teams nutrition advice and constant encouragement has helped to keep me on track. I have lost 25 lbs – the HEALTHY way! I feel more confident than I have felt in a long time. And I plan to keep it all going with the help of Synergy.

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Talia L.

PERFECT for me

Everything has been great so far! I’ve been to two sessions. The first was a great intro, didn’t feel super intense but was definitely sore afterwards. The 2nd was a bit more challenging and I am definitely feeling more sore but it’s very manageable which is perfect for me. I’ve been to places in the past where the workout is absolutely exhausting and I’m pretty much out of commission for a while, which is not at all sustainable and does not make me excited to go. The synergy workouts feel like something I can commit to long term and I am looking forward to doing so.

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Linda N.


Hey Jimmy,

Just wanted to let you know how much I like and appreciate our one on one nutrition consultations. We started monitoring my nutrition and tracking my food choices a month ago and I was so thrilled with yesterday’s weigh in- 8 lbs lighter to date and so much happier! Keeping track of my food intake on a daily journal really helped me cut down on the unhealthy junk and incorporate more healthy vegetables, fruit, and good protein to my diet. Your 80/20 principle really works too! I find myself planning and preparing my meals for the week around the 20% less healthy meals (eating out, holiday parties). So if I know I’m going to try out a new restaurant Thursday night, I’m going to eat clean and healthy Monday to Wednesday so I can enjoy my dinner out.

Also, thank you for keeping it simple- focusing on 3 nutrition changes until the next meeting. I cut down on my CHEESE intake (absolute weakness for me), limited the number of meals I dined out, and maintained the 80/20 rule. Swapping high sodium deli meats for rotisserie chicken has helped with meal preps too!

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