April 21, 2016

Trish Umbrell

I came up with a lot of excuses

I drove by Synergy for about two years, admiring the big before and after pictures of the people in the windows who’d clearly changed their lives and their bodies for the better. But I couldn’t quite picture myself as one of them. I came up with a lot of excuses, like my work and kids, for not trying to either.
One day, I finally admitted to myself I wasn’t ever going to be able to reclaim my identity as a once-fit person without being willing to get started again. I knew myself well enough to know that I would need some outside help to stay accountable, to figure out how to exercise effectively and intensively but in low-impact ways, and to stay focused on long-term results, and not get frustrated by setbacks. So I finally took the mental leap of faith and signed up.
A year later, I’m proud of myself for working through that fear and making good progress towards rebecoming the fit person that I want to be. I can see good changes in my physique, and in how my clothes fit. I’m stronger and my agility is improving.

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Andrew Coole

Trainers are professional and motivating

I have been a member at Synergy for the last 7 months and am so happy I joined after my first meeting with Brad. I knew I needed something different to make working out become part of my weekly habit and I’m happy to say that Synergy checks all the boxes. Since joining, I have lost about 20 pounds and have completely changed my body composition. I have a lot more energy, reduced stress and have much more restful sleep. Everyone at Synergy is friendly and welcoming; I now look forward to working out three times a week! The online scheduling is easy to navigate and keeps me accountable and motivated to make sure I don’t miss a class. The trainers are professional and motivating; they provide lots of variety and pay attention to my personal needs which I have found extremely beneficial. The other gym members are friendly and supportive too which helps contribute to the overall great atmosphere at Synergy. I’m really happy I found Synergy and highly recommend it to anyone!

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Sandy McLellan

No More gyms that don’t care about me

After years of yoyo dieting and being known in every Weight Watchers from Waltham to Worcester. Joining Big box gyms, Women’s Only gyms only to be left alone, unmotivated with no idea what to do. Driving by this small corner gym many times I noticed a big sign advertising a Biggest Loser challenge. I went in and met Brad. His big smile and passion for fitness was a deal breaker. That was the day my life and health turned around. Telling Brad about my unmotivated ways he encouraged me to not only join but participate in the Challenge. In my normal fashion I went out and bought workout outfits for each day. I was going to look good. While deciding what outfit to wear I realized this is not about fashion this was my chance to really improve myself. No I didn’t win the challenge but I did win strength, confidence all in the same workout clothes.
In 11 weeks Synergy helped me lose 14 pds, 3.5 inches off my waist and lowered my BMI. I have seen parts of my anatomy I haven’t seen in years and I’m not talking feet.

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Dr. Nick Penzarella

People get well here

This is the best place you can go to get yourself back in shape! I’ve always been a person that makes a commitment to stay in some kind of decent shape. When I moved to Boston last year to start my Chiropractic practice I didn’t realize that focusing so much on taking care of other people would leave me not taking care of myself. So an extra 10% body fat and about 20 pounds later I started at Synergy with their 6 week jump start program. I noticed results within just a couple of weeks and the gains just keep coming. It’s been about 10 weeks now and I have cut almost 7% body fat and gained muscle!

The best part about synergy is the the personal attention you get from the whole staff and the myriad of training exercises that are never the same. Synergy PFT helps train your body both neurologically and musculoskeletally with cross-crawl brain training exercises and multiple workouts that facilitate muscle confusion so your body will always use its metabolic processes optimally. I recommend this gym to my patients and friends all the time. Not just because of the environment but because of the safety in which all the training takes place.

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Its where it all comes together

I recently retired from the human service field. After 39yrs of helping others achieve their goals I realized that it was my turn to do something for myself. I drove by Synergy many times and wondered what it was all about. Then one day I saw the Biggest Loser sign and for some reason that lead me to the front door. I met Brad and was so impressed with his enthusiasm and his interest in me that I joined that day. It’s been 11 weeks and in that time I have gained strength, confidence, increased my endurance and lost 14lbs. I’ve lost 3.5 inches on my waist and gained a new found respect for my body. Everyone at Synergy from the other clients to the incredible staff have given me so much support and encouragement that it has changed my life.
For anyone looking for a meaningful, healthy and enjoyable way to improve their life and are willing to work hard come to Synergy. You will be greeted by a room full of smiles every time. It’s where it all comes together.

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