Dr. Nick Penzarella

People get well here

This is the best place you can go to get yourself back in shape! I’ve always been a person that makes a commitment to stay in some kind of decent shape. When I moved to Boston last year to start my Chiropractic practice I didn’t realize that focusing so much on taking care of other people would leave me not taking care of myself. So an extra 10% body fat and about 20 pounds later I started at Synergy with their 6 week jump start program. I noticed results within just a couple of weeks and the gains just keep coming. It’s been about 10 weeks now and I have cut almost 7% body fat and gained muscle!

The best part about synergy is the the personal attention you get from the whole staff and the myriad of training exercises that are never the same. Synergy PFT helps train your body both neurologically and musculoskeletally with cross-crawl brain training exercises and multiple workouts that facilitate muscle confusion so your body will always use its metabolic processes optimally. I recommend this gym to my patients and friends all the time. Not just because of the environment but because of the safety in which all the training takes place. People get well here.

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