May 2016

Phil Segaloff

It is a Judgement-Free Facility

I joined Synergy nearly six months ago after “persistent suggestions” from my wife to do so; my wife has been a faithful member of Synergy now for well over one and half years. She loves going to Synergy and thought the experience would be good for me. I hate to admit it in writing, but she was right.

When I joined Synergy I was overweight, stressed and out-of-shape (to put it mildly). I had never really formally worked out before and had no idea where to even begin. I had tried going to gyms in the past, but without the knowledge of what to do there, I never got into the hang of it and often found many excuses to bail out. There was no one to hold me accountable, no one to assess my needs and help shape my goals, and certainly no one to teach me the valuable skills I needed to know in order to have an efficient, effective and fulfilling workout.

Synergy provides an environment where someone like me can thrive. It is a judgment-free facility where both men and women can feel comfortable working out no matter the age,

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Emily Brash

30 Pounds GONE!!!

In January of 2016 I made the decision to finally start to prioritize my needs and my health. I started my path to better health by cutting out excess sugar and alcohol (2 things that were holding me back from losing excess weight). In addition to changing my eating habits I committed to going to Synergy at least 3 times per week and really working my hardest to burn fat and increase muscle. I noticed that with just the diet I was losing weight, but it was the workouts at Synergy that began to transform my body composition overall!

I live a very busy lifestyle and have always found it hard to get motivated to go to the gym at the end of a long work day. In the past I have become bored with gyms and workout classes and would ultimately give up on going after a few months using “I am too tired after work” as an excuse. What I love about Synergy is that the workouts are different every day and the trainers know me and my fitness level enough to continue to challenge me as I get stronger and stronger.

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