Month: November 2017



Small group training at Synergy has been the best work out experience I have ever had! My first session I could be barely do 4 pushups. In 18 sessions I have lost 8.5 pounds, 2.6% body fat, and can do 30 pushups no problem! It has been the only work out program I have stuck with and I actually look forward to the sessions. The personal trainers are absolutely amazing. They take the time to get to know you and they learn what your body can and cannot handle. They are personable, funny, and motivating. If your anything like me and you need a little extra push and motivation or you just want to switch up your workout routine, Synergy is the best decision you will ever make for yourself




I started small group training at Synergy a year and a half ago, I can’t say enough positive things about it! All of the trainers are personable, knowledgeable, and eager to help adapt the workout to fit your needs. The small group training is just the right setting for me! I’ve tried maintaining my fitness independently in the past, and haven’t been as successful as I have been since joining Synergy. I am currently down 18.5 lbs. and 9% body fat. I am frequently encouraged to make goals regarding fitness and nutrition, as well as monitor my progress.

Being a member at Synergy has changed my lifestyle. I feel better, look better, and have a stronger appreciation for fitness. I have trainers like Sean, Brad, and Jake to thank for keeping me motivated and helping me to push myself to stay in shape, eat healthy, and accomplish my goals!


Using High Rep Workouts to Get Great Results

Congratulations! We’re on to week 2 of the Maintain Don’t Gain holiday challenge at Synergy Personal Fitness Training. This week we’re switching our focus from strength to endurance or high rep training. That means we’ll be going for high rep sets of 15 or more repetitions using lighter weights in our resistance training.

There’s a long-standing misconception that any kind of weight training will make you “bulk up.” So, too often people are reluctant to incorporate resistance training into their routines for fear of adding size or gaining weight. But, according to the American College of Sports Medicine, high rep training comes with some pretty attractive benefits.

Training with lighter weights (30 – 60% of your one rep maximum) for more reps will actually:

  • Decrease your body fat as you add lean muscle to your body – A study examined the results people got from lifting heavy weights vs. lifting lighter weights for higher repetitions. It showed that those who worked with lighter weights saw a notable increase in muscle tone and definition with a decrease in body fat percentages.


  • Increase your muscle strength –

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Is Sugar Really Bad for You?

The recent consensus among the health conscious crowd is that sugar is bad for you. It’s blamed for everything from expanding waistlines to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In fact, some are even shying away from eating fruit because of its sugar content. But is sugar really bad for you?

While some might say that sugar is sugar — especially in low-carb or Paleo circles — the truth is that all sugar is not equal. Although at a molecular level glucose, fructose and sucrose is the same whether it’s in table sugar or fruit, the way your body processes it is not the same at all. So, what accounts for the difference? It’s all about the source and whether the sugar is natural or refined.

Let’s take fruit for example. The first distinction is that the sugar in fruit is naturally occurring. It is not manufactured or refined. In addition to sugar, fruit also contains hearty amounts of fiber and water that help to fill you up. So, you are not likely to overeat on apples or oranges or bananas. Contrary to what some might have you believe, a study published by the National Institutes for Health showed that eating whole fruit actually decreases the risk of obesity and diabetes.

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