How to Cut Out Processed Foods

At Synergy we are huge proponents of an integrated approach to exercise. Each of our small group training classes is a mix of cardio and strength training moves that have been proven to help people change their body composition and replace fat with healthy, lean muscle. But we also know that there’s more to getting fit and healthy than just working out. That’s why we also help many members get better results by changing the way they eat.
The thing we see so often with members in our nutritional counseling sessions is that many of them are consuming an over abundance of processed foods. These are foods that come in a bag, box or a can. The reason these foods are troublesome is they are usually loaded with additives, sodium and sugar to enhance their flavor, artificial preservatives to lengthen their shelf life and unhealthy fats. Research has proven time and again that these ingredients are linked to serious health issues like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and even certain types of cancer. So, while popping a frozen dinner in the microwave may be convenient, you’re really doing yourself a disservice even when you eat those that are marketed as “healthy.”

It’s not hard to cut processed foods out of your diet.

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