Month: March 2019



I came to Synergy at the age of 54, NEVER having exercised regularly in my life. As a kid, I was weak and uncoordinated, and was always picked last for every team in gym class. Over the years, I grew more discouraged about everything my body couldn’t do. To me, exercise was painful, frustrating, and humiliating. I knew I was never going to change my habits by myself, but I was afraid to join a gym. I pictured gyms as places where young, toned, beautiful people showed off their bodies and bench pressed 200 pounds! I’m grateful every day that I decided to try the small group training. The people who go to Synergy are all different ages and ability levels. The trainers tailor the routines so that they are right for each individual. I have found that the other clients are incredibly supportive as well. We cheer each other on, and even get a little friendly competition going sometimes. The most amazing thing to me is that I have stuck to it for over two years. I feel stronger, have fewer aches and pains that come with the aging process, and generally feel more confident about my ability to take on challenges.

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Foods that Fight Fat

All of the foods you eat affect your metabolism in some way. Some will make you feel sluggish and tired and slow things down. Some will spur cravings that are hard to resist. But others can stimulate your metabolism in a good way.
These foods can help your body burn more fat, reduce your appetite and help you avoid cravings.
Coffee – Caffeine increases your metabolism and boosts energy during workouts.
Green Tea – The EGCG antioxidant in green tea boosts your metabolism and helps to curb your appetite.
Broccoli – This veggie is low in calories, high in fiber and high in chromium.
Chili Peppers – The spice capsaicin in these suppresses your appetite.
Fatty Fish – The omega-3’s in fish like salmon are very filling and the iodine assists with metabolic functions.
Eggs – Eggs are very nutrient dense. They are full of protein and healthy fat but low in calories.
Chia Seeds – These seeds are very high in fiber and they turns to a gel-like consistency in your stomach,

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I am a big fan of Synergy! Having recently moved to the area I was looking for a gym that was affordable and friendly, that catered to “real” people of all ages, that was small enough to make a community feel, and with personal trainers to maximize results. SYNERGY is ALL of those things and then some! The 60-minute whole-body workouts led by terrific trainers are awesome, fun, and get stunning results. I have been to many gyms in my life, big and small, including one-on-one training…Synergy tops them all…by far. Small group training led by trainers who are professional, knowledgeable, friendly and encouraging while also being demanding is a brilliant system. Their online scheduling is efficient, flexible and easy to use. I lost 9.7 lbs in 20 workouts…down to 122 lbs. and lowered my body fat % by 7%! Who says losing weight after 60 is a mission impossible? I feel great, have increased energy, strength and flexibility. I love this place!

I’ll be going to Synergy for years…
THANK YOU – all the staff at Synergy!