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I loved it. I went in completely exhausted and planning on going home and sleeping, and I felt so refreshed when I left. The trainer I worked with was so nice and always ready with more exercises to keep me busy. Definetly the best gym I have been too and you’ve earned one happy customer. I can’t wait to see what kind of changes will happen now that I have motivation to get it done. Thank you so much!

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Miss you guys!

My colleague from Brandeis is working out there now and she loves it! It’s always a great thing when you recommend a place and they totally deliver..

Take care and hope all is well.


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Nicole Wellington

For essentially my entire life I have been either a student or a teacher. When late August rolls around and I am preparing to go back to school, for me this is my new year, the time that I make my resolutions. As the summer of 2012 was coming to a close, I promised myself that it would be the year that I would find balance in my life. I had a great balance between time spent with my family and my job as a teacher, but my attention to my own personal wellbeing was lacking. My weight had been creeping up and up, and I felt that I was not setting a good example for my own daughters. I joined Synergy in September 2012, and I haven’t looked back since. My weight is down a little over 20 pounds, I look better, and I feel great. Working out three times a week is now just a part of my life, and I am confident that those 20 pounds I have shed will never come back. Thanks to all of the Synergy trainers who have worked with me and pushed me to be a better, stronger version of myself!

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Down 30 lbs!

To the staff of Syn Club,


Thank you so much for helping me lose the first 30 pounds to my goal weight. I feel healthier and stronger everyday thanks to your endless encouragement and positive feedback. I want to thank all the trainers, Jackie, Jamie and especially my ‘Seany boy” for believing in me.  I look forward to each workout and feel better about myself every day.




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Kathy Krongel

Dear Brad,


I want to thank you and your terrific staff for helping me to realize my fitness goals.


For me it is about maintaining a level of fitness throughout my life.


I want to be able to carry my own luggage and be able to run for the plane if need be.


Last week I went apple picking with my grand daughter and I carried the 2,  15 pound bags out of the orchard.


I sell real estate, so we often have to stage a house.
Guess who moves the furniture?
This girl!


Thank for making it FUN and keeping it interesting.


Warm regards,

Kathy Krongel

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Johnnie T.

I came to Synergy PFT having never been to a gym before, and only occasionally exercising. Coming three times weekly I have dropped over 20lbs, gained strength, tone, flexibility, significantly improved posture, and I continue to gain strength especially in my core musculature.


Thanks Synergy PFT
Johnnie T.

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