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Talia L.

PERFECT for me

Everything has been great so far! I’ve been to two sessions. The first was a great intro, didn’t feel super intense but was definitely sore afterwards. The 2nd was a bit more challenging and I am definitely feeling more sore but it’s very manageable which is perfect for me. I’ve been to places in the past where the workout is absolutely exhausting and I’m pretty much out of commission for a while, which is not at all sustainable and does not make me excited to go. The synergy workouts feel like something I can commit to long term and I am looking forward to doing so.

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Linda N.


Hey Jimmy,

Just wanted to let you know how much I like and appreciate our one on one nutrition consultations. We started monitoring my nutrition and tracking my food choices a month ago and I was so thrilled with yesterday’s weigh in- 8 lbs lighter to date and so much happier! Keeping track of my food intake on a daily journal really helped me cut down on the unhealthy junk and incorporate more healthy vegetables, fruit, and good protein to my diet. Your 80/20 principle really works too! I find myself planning and preparing my meals for the week around the 20% less healthy meals (eating out, holiday parties). So if I know I’m going to try out a new restaurant Thursday night, I’m going to eat clean and healthy Monday to Wednesday so I can enjoy my dinner out.

Also, thank you for keeping it simple- focusing on 3 nutrition changes until the next meeting. I cut down on my CHEESE intake (absolute weakness for me), limited the number of meals I dined out, and maintained the 80/20 rule. Swapping high sodium deli meats for rotisserie chicken has helped with meal preps too! Great suggestions.

By no means are these nutrition changes easy for me. But I remind myself to take it a day at a time and keep tracking in my food journal. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it! So thanks for keeping me motivated and guiding me through the process (especially during this challenging holiday season!)

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Stephanie Larsen


When I first decided to get back into the gym it was after a recent promotion at work in a highly stressful ICU environment. I had also just started on my MBA, and things were hectic. Life couldn’t get any more “full”, so making myself go to the gym after a 12 hour shift and being motivated was highly unsuccessful. I live about 3 minutes away from Synergy and drive by all the time. I looked online to see what it was all about. At first I was a bit nervous with my schedule that I wouldn’t have “time” to go. I had time that I was wasting! After meeting with Brad, I knew this is what I needed. I needed to be held accountable! I needed motivation and push! That is exactly what I receive at Synergy. From online scheduling, making me accountable to attend, to the extra push that the trainers give me, keeping me motivated! I actually enjoy going to the gym now. After the end of my first six weeks, I had definitely noticed a huge difference in how I felt, how my clothes were fitting, and how much more I paid attention to my diet. Once you start dropping pounds and seeing results, you WANT to eat healthy. There was no hesitation at the end of six weeks to sign up for the next year! I can’t wait to keep seeing results and enjoying this lifestyle that Synergy has made accessible.

Stephanie Larsen

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Tetyana C.

Small Changes That Matters

I have joined Synergy in the end of October for the six week jump start and after 18 training sessions and 3 boot camps I have lost 7.5 pounds, 7% of body fat and I went 1 size down. Woohoo! I am very pleased with my results but my journey isn’t finished yet. I am thankful to the whole Synergy team for supporting me in my journey to lose weight. I enjoyed every training session and boot camps, because they were never the same exercises, I was always surprised and I am still learning what each name means. Training sessions would not help alone if I didn’t make significant changes in my nutrition. There is a saying ‘it’s easier to cut 500 calories than burn them’. I increased the vegetables intake, stayed away from starchy foods like white rice and potatoes, eliminated sweets and white bread, replaced fried meats with baked chicken and fish, and light soups became my favorite dinner. The most important part of my nutrition was to plan my meals ahead and eat 5-6 small meals thoughout the day. Every Sunday I would cook everything and pack for a week and salads I prepared every night. Snacks are important too, they gave me enough energy until the next meal.

I feel stronger, healthier and happier after these 6 weeks. I would like to thank Brad, Jimmy, Sean and Cynthia for their support, nutrition advice and continuous positive feedbacks. It’s small things that matters.

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Katie Anderson

Accomplished her “IMPOSSIBLE” goal!

I started going to Synergy in March of this year. On May 3rd, at the Moody Street 5K, I ran a PR of 33:04. I knew my next race was going to be in October, so I gave myself a quiet goal (I don’t like to share goals with others unless I’m confident I can achieve them!) of 30:00. On October 18th, I ran Paddy’s Road Race in 28:56; not only a new PR, but 1:04 faster than my “impossible” goal! I have Synergy to thank for building up my strength and endurance in such a short amount of time. So, thank you Synergy!

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Sharad & Lalita Wagle

Feel younger, Feel fit, Lose inches, Lose weight, Feel your happiest

My wife and I are both physicians and in our late 60’s. We recently moved to Boston from another State. We had always belonged to some Gym or the other and always signed up with a personal trainer ( the last two were ex-Marines). However, we still had a lot of extra weight on ourselves. I had a large gut, and our Lab results showed that, among other levels, my Hemogobin A1c was pretty high – 6.9.( thats almost pre-diabetic!) We often felt tired, lethargic, crabby, and without energy. My waist size was 36 !

We looked at various Gyms in the Boston area and joined Synergypft in Waltham in early May 2015. Your one hour interval training system has proven very successful with both my wife and myself! We went back to our friends the ex-Marine trainers and even they were impressed with how we looked. We told them your routine and how successful it is! My waist size is now 32! Down 4 inches in 6 months. My weight is lower and my clothes are all loose on me. Best of all, my Hb A1C is 6.5 – all my Physician colleagues are impressed. ( I have also been watching my diet )

My wife has had similar results. Our family and friends comment on how much healthier we look and how much trimmer. We both feel younger, more energetic, we feel happier and fit. We have lost inches and weight, and it is all thanks to Synergypft and the wonderful team you have there.

Jim, Sean, Cynthia, Jackie and Brad are the best! You all push us to do our best , you are all friendly and the atmosphere in the room is always a very nice one.

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