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Synergy is a great small group training gym. It’s a diverse, down-to-earth group. Everyone is really friendly and the trainers are great. They make working out fun. You go for an hour and they lead you through a full body workout. All of the workouts are scalable – if you are in top shape, you just go faster and lift heavier weight, if you are a beginner you go slower with modifications and less weight. I’ve been a member of many gyms in the Boston area and this one is a gem! It’s also very reasonably priced and they have a very generous new member special. Thanks Brad and Sean!

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Pragmatic, cheerful trainers who work with small groups, and really get to know you as an individual. Workouts are varied and inventive, and they adapt easily for people’s needs. Never thought I’d like going to a gym or working out, but I *love* working out with the folks at Synergy! My fitness and stamina have improved dramatically – so glad I signed up.

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I joined Synergy in Waltham a year ago, and it is the one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. From day one, I felt embraced by the warm and welcoming sense of community that Synergy provides. Brad Bishop, and the trainers, Emilia and Sean, are extremely supportive, encouraging and motivating to every single person, regardless of age, size or fitness level. Before going to Synergy, I barely knew I had a core. Now, not only have I discovered my core but I engage it in everything I do from heavy lifting to climbing the stairs. Feeling physically stronger has made me feel mentally stronger. Over the past few months, Brad, Emilia and Sean have worked tirelessly to create and lead virtual workouts that provide an equivalent workout to being there in person. Synergy has been a lifeline for me throughout the pandemic, providing both a physical and mental health outlet and a sense of connection to other Synergy members many of whom are very funny! I can’t say enough good things about Synergy and the incredibly caring and hard-working owner and trainers that work there. I am so grateful.

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I love Synergy! The trainers’ positive energy and enthusiasm, plus the kindness of the other members, has completely transformed my relationship with exercise, and I actually get upset when I have to miss a workout. The workouts also help with my chronic back and hip pain. Since switching to the online Zoom pandemic workouts, I’ve actually been able to fit even more workouts into my week, and they totally keep me sane during this stressful time. So grateful to Brad, Sean, and Emilia for transforming their format to the online platform for us to continue building strength and feeling great.

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Virtual classes by Synergy helped me go through these difficult times of the pandemic in a healthy way. Energetic trainers of Synergy gave me the opportunity to safely engage in group exercise at my own house. Same tempo, same energy! Boosted my mood! This was the best thing I could do for myself.

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I have always loved the feeling of working out but never liked the feeling of walking into a large gym with no guidance on what to do. After driving by Synergy PFT for months and months, peeking in the windows to see just how big it really was, I finally made the call and set up an appointment to meet Brad back in September 2019. He was so friendly and instantly made me feel comfortable about being back at a gym. While sitting down talking to Brad about why I wanted to get back into the gym and what my future goals were, one class was leaving for the day and another class was just starting up. Everyone who came in and out of the door, Brad knew their name and some bits of information about them. I left that day feeling like “this is my new gym!”

Once COVID-19 came about and businesses were starting to close my first concern was “What about my gym?” I had just hit my 6-month mark at Synergy and was now fully adapted to my new habit of going to the gym after work. Brad, Emilia and Sean assured us the gym would still go on and it did. Virtual workouts have helped me maintain not only my physical health but my mental health during these completely unnormal times. The staff has reached out to me personally via email and text to see how I am doing. They have loaned me gym equipment, cheered me on through my virtual workouts and thanked me for “making their day” by showing up to the sessions

Since joining Synergy, I have become stronger, healthier and more confident. What once was a short drive or 15 minutes’ walk to the gym,

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