Day: November 29, 2013

Nicole Wellington

For essentially my entire life I have been either a student or a teacher. When late August rolls around and I am preparing to go back to school, for me this is my new year, the time that I make my resolutions. As the summer of 2012 was coming to a close, I promised myself that it would be the year that I would find balance in my life.

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Down 30 lbs!

To the staff of Syn Club,


Thank you so much for helping me lose the first 30 pounds to my goal weight. I feel healthier and stronger everyday thanks to your endless encouragement and positive feedback. I want to thank all the trainers, Jackie, Jamie and especially my ‘Seany boy”

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Johnnie T.

I came to Synergy PFT having never been to a gym before, and only occasionally exercising. Coming three times weekly I have dropped over 20lbs, gained strength, tone, flexibility, significantly improved posture, and I continue to gain strength especially in my core musculature.


Thanks Synergy PFT
Johnnie T.

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Jeff O.

I have been a client at Synergy Waltham on two different long term occasions. It is a unique way of training with one trainer working with people simultaneously. It works! All three of the trainers are expert, they remember your unique needs and help you hit your goals. There is a nice vibe in the place and it is the opposite of those big,

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As a member of Synergy PFT I have been able to experience success in weight loss and overall improved health. I have lost a total of 42.5 LBS!!! Synergy PFT joins the benefits of having a personal trainer and the support and motivation of participating in small-group activities, this combination will undoubtedly set anyone up for success. 

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I joined Synergy last summer, after having recovered from knee surgery.  I was looking for some more individual attention and a change in my exercise routine. I had gone to the same gym for years, doing my own work out. I know I was not exercising the best way for my body, and I sure was not losing weight.

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