6 Week Summer Fat Loss Challenge – Week 3

Week 3: Cut Back on Alcohol and Sugar Consumption

Here we go for week 3 of the 6 Week Summer Fat Loss Challenge! This week’s assignment is to replace two alcoholic drinks or sugary items (such as dessert or soda) with a healthy food or drink.

  • So, if you typically reach for a soda to get your afternoon kick of caffeine, try green tea instead.
  • If you like to follow dinner up with something sweet, have some fruit instead of ice cream or cookies.
  • Also, make it a goal to wait until the end of the week to have an alcoholic drink.
  • Instead of a mixed drink, sangria or beer – all high in calories and carbs – opt for a lower calorie drink like wine or a shot of vodka with soda water.

When you’re trying to lean out and burn fat, it’s best to minimize drinking alcohol. With few exceptions, drinking alcohol is basically putting empty calories into your body. Soda, beer, liquor, candy and desserts are all made up of simple sugars that are high in calories and extremely low in nutrients. Most simple sugars are stored by your body as fat – obviously counterproductive to fat burning. What’s more, your body tends to store this fat around your midsection.

Have a great week filled with healthy and refreshing drinks and snacks. And, don’t forget, you should still keep up your food log, keep your activity level high and add this week’s assignment to get the best results.

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