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 Moody Street 5K
We have approval to pick up members bibs/race packets early & have them waiting for you at Synergy on Sunday morning.  If you are not able to pick up your bib on Saturday at Margaritas(Margaritas – 211 Moody Street on Saturday from 1 to 4 pm) &

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Is your running form ready for the Moody Street 5K?


Everyone uses different techniques, the more you run the more you will find what works best for you. You will find some people run through their noise, mouth or a combination of the two. Keep in mind that deep relaxed breathing vs.

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We are so pumped for the upcoming Moody Street road race.   With several weeks training under our belts we thought it would be a good idea to posts some helpful training tips on the blog.  Make sure you continue to log in & check out the latest posts!

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Can you believe the Moody Street 5K is only a month away? After the longest winter ever, we are finally starting to see signs of Spring.  Along with  the weather warming up we are starting to see more activity on the roads – walkers & runners are taking a break from the treadmill and hitting the pavement.  

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I came across this great article describing the authors 1st 5K experience.  We would love to hear from our members. Can you share any advice, or inspirational stories that you experienced while doing a road race/organized event??
8 Lessons from My First 5K Race
The Most Fun You’ll Have Running

— By Nicole Nichols, Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

I never considered myself a runner.

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Final Challenge Results

2014 Personal Best Challenge

Challenge # 4: Get your best distance during 4 minute cardiovascular interval (treadmill, bike, elliptical). Cardiovascular exercise is essential for strengthening heart and lung function, increasing stamina and endurance, and assists in burning excess bodyfat!! Distance # 1 represents the first measurement. Distance # 2 represents the second measurement which was taken exactly 4 weeks later.

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